Superior Sourcing Strategy

Hiring Process

We have a comprehensive sourcing strategy that covers standard forms of sourcing as well as innovative solutions to ensure we are attracting the most suitable candidates in the market. We work with each of our partners to develop a sourcing solution based on a combination of the following:
Targeted Client Solutions
We have a dedicated team of recruitment consultants for every sector & industry. We deliver tailored solutions to find the best candidate for our partners’ specific requirements.
Databank of Candidates
We own one of the most extensive databank of available candidates in India together with our vocational training schools, with all job seekers interviewed and screened prior to registration
Network / referrals
We have built up an extensive consultant network in our over 5 years of operation. Each consultant also has a personal network of contacts from which to gauge interest and solicit referrals.
Targeted search
We have a dedicated research team that analyses India labour market daily to identify the most suitable workforce to meet our partner’s manpower needs in the right place at the right time.
Online advertising/social media
For each specific manpower need, we always publish an advertisement in the local & national newspapers, job fairs, radio & television and local social pages to get maximum prospective candidates.

Interview & Selection

While sourcing & collecting suitable candidates, our senior staffs and technical interviewers are tasked with the responsibility of pre-screening candidates to come up with a shortlist of the most qualified candidates who match the job descriptions and other specific requirements of our partners.

At this stage, our partners shall be requested to send their representative/delegates to arrive Vietnam to control & conduct the final interview and trade test. We can also send the detail CVs of the most qualified candidates direct to the partners for their approval & selection if the first option is not feasible. What sets The  October  apart from other manpower agencies in India  is that we conduct our own set of rigorous trade tests over and above to give our partners a first-rate selection of the best candidates for their job requirements.

Depending on the specific job categories, The October  company  will arrange the special Trade test Centers which fully equipped & facilities to assist our partners to test every shortlisted candidate both theory and practical skills at the same place. This also assures our partners will get the skilled, qualified and experienced manpower which suits best to their project needs.

Follow-up progress

Medical checkup

Right after the final selection & approval, all selected candidates will be sent for medical checkup at the authorized medical hospitals by the respective Embassies of the country of employment.

Passport & Criminal recorded

The selected candidates will be taken to make a passport or extended the date of passport if expired and start applying for Criminal recorded certificates from relevant authorities of India.

Diplomas & Certificates

In order to apply for the work-permit & working visa, many countries of employment that require selected candidate to provide secondary/ high school diplomas or higher degree, training certificates, working experience certificates…all those paperwork must be translated into English language with public notarized, even get attestation from Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Application for visa

Visa application will be submitted to the respective Embassies of host countries in India on basis of block visas/ work-permits obtained by our partners.

Further Training

While waiting for the work-permit & working visa, all selected candidates are requested to study the basic foreign languages and skills improvement. Before deployment, all contract workers shall be required to attend the official Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar facilitated by The October. Our senior staff will also conduct other seminars to give workers an overview of the jobs they will undertake, new working environment, living conditions and basic understanding of cultures & customs in the host country as well as Labour laws of the country of employment.

Ticketing and Departure

As soon as obtaining the working visa from partners or from the respective Embassies of host countries in India and the joining air-tickets for selected candidates, we then get emigration clearance to deploy selected candidates to the country of employment as scheduled.
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