Oil and Gas industries

The October Company can provide a reliable man power service to its customers for both land-based and offshore at sea positions and projects.  Also providing solutions across the engineering spectrum, including Oil and Gas, Power and Renewables, and Life Sciences. According to the International Energy Forums, the sector is facing a war of talent that is undoubtedly bound to worsen in the coming years. The shortage of manpower in the Oil and Gas Industry is a key concern. It’s a challenge for the sector to attract, recruit, and retain the talented and reliable manpower.

To meet the global energy requirements, the industry has to sustain the talent pool that is shrinking at an alarming rate. But when you join hands with us, you do not have to worry about this manpower issues. We are here to fulfil all your manpower needs in Oil and Gas sector with the best skills sets available in the industry with efficiency.


Heavy equipment

Heavy equipment operator plays a vital role at all construction sites. They are responsible for driving or moving heavy machines to plough land, move piles, lay bar and all other related tasks… The October Company is a reputed manpower supply company that provides all types of efficient, experience & hardworking heavy equipment Operators & Drivers from India

For heavy equipment Operator & Driver, The October Company Manpower specializes in supplying different types of high qualified & trained manpower.

Provide manpower ranging from unskilled, semi-skilled to skilled workers to clients, from across diverse industries. Supply manpower, manage their payroll process, attendance to disciplinary issues.


Construction industry

The Construction industry is one of the most dynamic and rapidly advancing sectors. Most countries in Western countries, Europe, Middle East, Far East, Asia and Africa countries are modernizing and creating the infrastructure at a rapid pace to develop and facilitate their people. Because of the huge growth in infrastructure sector, there is always a shortage of manpower in the Construction industry.

It is becoming harder to find skilled, hard-working, diligent, high-qualified, dedicated characteristics and productive manpower to solve these manpower issues. Hence, we were borne for and we have successfully supplied thousands of construction workers to various construction companies worldwide.

The October Company is one of the most trusted names in construction manpower supplier and an active player in the Overseas Placement of Indian construction workers. We are expert in recruiting & supplying Indian construction workers to the projects of: Building construction; Maintenance of buildings, Roads, Railways, Airports, Tunnels, Water reservoirs, Dams, Bridges, Sewer systems… with different kinds of job categories such as.


Manpower for Health care Industry

The present World with economic growth, income, population and urbanization, along with the increasing rate of aging population has been a challenge for all developing countries and developed countries in the world that raises a vast need for health care in the community. Care for children, for the elderly and sick people are always considered as a special occupation with an intensive demand in the global labour market.

On the other hand, some negative impacts such as unsafe pollution, food safety or unsafe living and working conditions also make people have to spend more on medicines and health care needs are increasing days by days. Therefore, pharmacy, health care and nursing are the sectors that receive the particular attention of all classes & ages in the society and plays a vital role in every country, irrespective of the culture and tradition. These industries are “thirsty” for young, passionate and hardworking human resources to work for pediatric clinics, international clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers everywhere in the world.

For Healthcare Industry, The October Company specializes in supplying different types of high qualified & trained manpower as below:


Manpower for Agriculture Industry

India is a developing country in Southeast Asia with little soil characteristics and crowded people. According to statistics in 2017, the agricultural labor force accounts for about 40% of the country’s labour force. In the process of integration with the world economy, India  has been concentrating on training high quality agricultural human resources, investing in machinery and equipment and applying high technology in agricultural production to improve the position of Indians  agriculture in the International Agricultural Market.

Besides the achievements, the application of machinery, equipment and high technology in agricultural production led to a large surplus of agricultural labour in India. The surplus of this labour force has created conditions for The October company to attract a large number of trained candidates to serve our labour export activities.

With the Agriculture Industry, The October  company specializes in supplying different types of high qualified & trained manpower


Manpower for Mechanical Industry

Mechanical sector is particularly important industry for the development & progresses of the world’s economy. Mechanical manpower is generalists and they work on the most diverse range of projects. They’re involved in every kind of physical device such as: vehicles, machines, power systems, engines, ships, aircraft, physical products and their manufacturing.

The focus towards infrastructure development and economic have created ample opportunities for skilled, experienced, and qualified mechanical manpower. The huge demand of mechanical manpower is increasing at a rapid pace and it has also created a big gap between the demand and the supply in this industry. As the demand is increasing it becomes tough to find dedicated manpower and in fact, a lot of projects get delayed due to the shortage of this manpower.

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